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  Last Qingming Festival,i return home to worship my grandfather.Qingming Festival is a folk Festival.In the past,In the past, the Qingming Festival was called "Arbor Day". But Today, Chinese visit their family graves to tend to any underbrush that has grown. Weeds are pulled, and dirt swept away, and the family will set out offerings of food and spirit money. Unlike the sacrifices at a family's home altar, the offerings at the tomb usually consist of dry, bland food. One theory is that since any number of ghosts rome around a grave area, the less appealing food will be consumed by the ancestors, and not be plundered by strangers.

  With the passing of time, this celebration of life became a day to the honor past ancestors. Following folk religion, the Chinese believed that the spirits of deceased ancestors looked after the family. Sacrifices of food and spirit money could keep them happy, and the family would prosper through good harvests and more children.



  "Qingming Festival have rain, pedestrians on the road, borrows asked wineshop where has, the shepherd boy points at Xinghuacun." Whenever I think of this poem in Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu's thought of as the Qingming Festival is coming, the tomb of the steps is not far away......

  大概到了8点左右,我与妈妈爷爷从家中出发了。在路上,我不断回想着以前的事,似乎我从来没有见到奶奶那慈祥和蔼的模样,脑海里也没有任何跟奶奶有关的事迹。她长什么样子?待我好吗……一连串的问题一下子涌到我的大脑。我问妈妈:“妈妈 ,我见过奶奶吗?待我好吗?”妈妈无奈的说:“实话说吧,她对你可好啦,你犯错了,她一直袒护你……”

  Probably around 8, I and mother grandfather from home leave. On the road, I continue to think back to the previous things, it seems that I have never seen her gentle appearance, also do not have any with Grandma about the deeds of the mind. What does she look like? To me...... A series of questions rushed to my brain. I asked my mother: "mother, I have seen grandma? For me?" the mother said reluctantly: "to tell the truth, she to you very well, you made a mistake, she always protect you......"


  After several minutes of the car bumps along the way, we finally arrived at Grandma's grave. We cleared of weeds grave, dredging drainage ditch on the side, placed offerings, incense, candles point, folding the paper money burned to ashes to the family worship, as a means of sustenance for a miss their loved ones died. We finished the Chinese etiquette, uncle took the firecrackers "crack" sound, that sound deafen the ear with its roar like thunder. I silently in front of the tomb wishing "hope grandma bless me reading smart, study progress, family life happy, healthy body".


  Today is April 5, ching Ming festival.

  My father and I went back to the countryside hometown for ancestor's grave. We came to the ancestral grave, dad with his shovel the tombs to repair, and then put the tribute to the grave, took me to the ancestors on three head, got up and down a bowl of wine, spilled a circle around the tombs. In the grave, we walk in the mountains You'll also be able to contribute, on a mountain high, there are lush trees, there are green grass, there are clear lakes, beautiful!

  On the way home, winter jasmine, plum and cherry blossoms are scrambling to in full bloom, fragrance of flowers floating around, a lot of visitors to take photos in front of the flower, laughing faces as beautiful as flowers, how happy ah! Dad told me: tomb-sweeping day is our memory of martyrs, ancestor worship festival, festival is blooming, play for an outing. He told me the martyrs brave fight, fear no sacrifice revolutionary story. I listened to the very touched, it is our predecessors bloody sweat, hard working, just have our good life today, so we should cherish the happy life today, study hard, healthy growth, grow up contribution strength, serve the country!


  我和爸爸回到了乡下老家给祖先上坟。我们来到了祖先的坟前,爸爸用铁锨把坟茔修缮了一番,然后把带来的贡品放到坟前,带着我给祖先磕了三个头,起身倒了一碗酒,围绕坟茔洒了一圈。上完坟,我们就在山里踏青游玩 你也可以投稿,高高的山上,有茂盛的树林,有绿绿的青草,还有清澈的湖水,美丽极了!






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